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Self-Love & Confidence from the Soul:


But it does seem difficult, if not nearly impossible at times. Sometimes it feels as if you’re working really hard to change your life, only to find yourself in a similar or same situation as before. How do you get off the hamster wheel and create a better life? When will you finally feel confident, find true love, meaning & purpose?

Start by Understanding Who You Really Are at a Deep Soul Level. The Akashic Records reveal everything about YOU: Your Gifts/Superpowers, Your Purpose, Career Alignment & How You Create Freedom, Happiness & Pure Joy in Life without the STRUGGLE.

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You don’t need YEARS of therapy to transform your life. Who has time for that?

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My mission is to help you become empowered, confident & in control so you can go after your dreams with ease…

Whether you’re trying to find love, purpose and meaning in your life or you’re building a business, we often don’t recognize our own limitations and unresolved trauma until someone gently points it out to us OR we fall flat on our faces so many times that we eventually look in the mirror and realize we need help.

If you’re experiencing a never-ending story of loss, hardship and turmoil in any area of your life, the root cause is likely hidden deep within your subconscious mind.

We learn a lot about life, money, love when we are just small children that have a very limiting understanding of reality. We take on beliefs about love and money when we’re too young to understand these things. We take things literally and very personally.

The interpretations of what we see and feel in childhood result in our core unconscious beliefs about ourselves. Things like chronic terror, phobias, low self worth and lack of confidence, inability to create abundance & prosperity in our lives ALL COME FROM OUR CHILDHOOD.

When we grow into adults and start to live our own lives, create incomes and relationships, that’s when the blocks show up. Sometimes these blocks appear to be coming from the outside of us – we lose our jobs, or someone mistreats us, or we always attract unhealthy people – but the truth is, its US doing this to ourselves UNCONSCIOUSLY.

For example, if you witnessed your parents constantly arguing about money, you may have taken on the belief that money is “bad’ or harmful in some way so your mind will NOT allow you to have much of it.

Or, you may have taken on the deep belief that if you don’t have money, you can’t have a successful relationship, resulting in denying yourself the possibility of love.

Or, that money causes problems in love – therefore you deep subconscious beliefs won’t allow you to make more than you need to barely survive.

The list is literally ENDLESS for the reasons why you can’t get past your upper limits of love or success.

I’ve been there. I got to a place where I wanted to stop making the same mistakes over and over, heal my anxiety, and also grow my online business, but it felt as if there was an invisible wall between myself and everything I really wanted in life.

It seemed as if everyone else could just “do the things” easily but I couldn’t. I felt stuck. I had enormous terror, and eventually my entire body started to freeze, resulting in unbearable chronic pain throughout my body as a result of “falling” several times over the course of a few years and other injuries.

These issues are pervasive in our lives until we get the deep healing work at the level of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Sure, regular coaching and talk-therapy can help, but when we can’t take the ACTIONS we know we need to take, and the pattern KEEPS REPEATING no matter what – the issue isn’t in the conscious, everyday thinking mind.

It’s deeper.

And that is where we go together to get to the root cause of what’s holding you back & frustrating you in life.

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Ready to Break Through and Break Free?

I help people just like you break through decades of blocks keeping you stuck in life, keeping you from feeling confident, keeping you from manifesting your dreams or building that business you’ve been considering for years (but haven’t actually started yet).

Unhealed trauma lives in the body. When we can’t move past fear on our own, then there’s something extremely powerful in your body that believes that taking the action you need to take is more dangerous than staying where you are in life.

This results in a constant battle between your heart and your mind. Your body is literally at war with itself. Your conscious mind wants one thing, but your subconscious won’t allow you to do it – at least not easily.

If you’re ready to get unstuck and take your power back over your body, your mind, and your life, and become truly unstoppable and feel free and empowered to create life on your terms, then schedule a free call with me by clicking the button below.

Transformation is easy when we address the subconscious mind and stop your mind from stopping YOU.

Dinah is an intuitive healer, coach & transformational hypnotherapist. She’s been working with clients in private practice both offline and online since 2010.